You have a number of places on your job site where you have piping and duct work. The guys are climbing over the piping and duct work. Many will stand on the piping and jump down causing a number of twisted ankles. Others have attempted to walk across the piping and slipped off going between the pipes causing injuries.


Number 1A & B

Going over most of the pipes and ducts a single platform with 3 steps on each side will work. If the steps take you to much space we can
put a ladder on one side with a swing gate.

Number 2

This option is the same as # 1 just spans a longer distance.

Your selections were in stock in SSF and shipped within the week. You chose to do the installation with your team.

Because it is pre-engineered, OSHA compliant, bolts together, is made in America with the highest quality components and can be re-configured in the future because nothing stays the same.

Your solution starts with a simple phone call

1-888 ERECTASTEP (373-2827)

Many times, we are able to design your solution over the phone complete with engineered drawings.