You have an elevated HVAC system that is about 48 feet long. There are a number of access doors you need to access for maintenance as well as other tasks. The access doors are a little over 8 feet off the ground. Currently, you are using a stepladder to gain access and do the other maintenance. Because of an accident, OSHA upon inspection sited you for a few violations. Carrying equipment while on the ladder preventing you from maintaining 3 points of contact. Stepping off a step ladder to an elevated platform or working surface. Using the ladder is creating a fall risk hazard.


We designed a 48 foot long by 6 foot platform that will be able to bolt to the side of the equipment. We used stairs in outr design because you job requires tools and equipment to do the maintenance.

Your selection was shipped in two weeks out of stock in SSF. You asked if we had installers. They did the turnkey installation in a few days. Your people are now safer and OSHA was impressed with your solution.

Because it is pre-engineered, OSHA compliant, bolts together, is made in America with the highest quality components and can be re-configured in the future because nothing stays the same.

Your solution starts with a simple phone call

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Many times, we are able to design your solution over the phone complete with engineered drawings.